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Hole Pro Hole Enlarger Tool Kit


Ship Weight 1.00 lbs
SKU HP1185
Market Price: $24.95
Our Price: $14.99


Hole Pro Hole Enlarger Tool 5-Piece Kit
• For enlarging existing holes 3" to 6" in size
• New hole must be at least 1" larger than existing hole.
• Works with any hole saw arbor adapter with ¼” pilot bit and with all Hole Pro Twin Blade Adjustable hole cutters for super size holes up to 17 inches in diameter.
• No need to buy a hole saw the size of the existing holes to be enlarged
• No problems with having two hole saws mounted and having them jam and difficult to remove from an adapter.
• Constructed from hardened chrome plated steel for long life and durability.
Simplest hole enlarger to use as it works with your current hole saws and arbors with pilot bits.