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Hole Pro Small (6" Diameter) Hole Saw Shield & XL-Arbor


Ship Weight 2.00 lbs
SKU HP1168-71
Manufacturer Hole Pro
Market Price: $190.57
Our Price: $89.95


The Hole Pro Small (6" Diameter) Shield (HP1171) and XL Arbor (HP1168) kit comes with the following components:
• ABS (8" OD) transparent shield with ball bearing mount
• Orange adjustment knob
• XL Arbor for all 1/2"-20 and 5/8"-18 threaded hole saws up to 2-1/4" (60mm) cutting depth
• Yellow storage pouch
• Tensioning spring
• Release bar
• Hex wrench
• High Speed Steel pilot bit
• Includes pre-cut hole with plastic plug in shield for use when NOT using Optional Vacuum Adapter
• Spacer disk

**** Large 9" Model XL Shield and XL Arbor kit see SKU  HP1156 *****

** Vacuum adapter NOT INCLUDED**
** Hole Saw NOT INCLUDED**